Client: Mesa Life
Location: Mesa County, Colorado
Project Status: In-Progress

Connect One was contracted to assist in the planning and approvals for Mesa Life, a small off-the-grid community to be located in rural Mesa County. Upon its completion, the community will provide a working demonstration of highly livable, low impact development for the western slope.

The primary goal for the project is to produce a development for approximately 36 individuals with a minimum environmental footprint. Efforts to increase sustainability within the community include recycling of waste water on-site for agriculture and solar production of 100% of the power needs of the community.

To begin the project, Connect One in conjunction with Z Group Architects and the Colorado Rocky Mountain Institute (CRMPI) conducted an all-day, on-site charrette with members of the community to locate and conceptually design the efficient living quarters and community buildings. The development will occupy only five acres of the total 80-acre property, and is located in a naturally open area to minimize impacts on elk habitat as well as the surrounding oak and juniper scrub. Because this project is creating a new standard for sustainable living in Mesa County, an intensive partnership with Mesa County officials, including the planning and zoning, building, and sanitation departments was required. Connect One assisted the client in leading the effort to amend existing regulations in Mesa County, enabling them to embrace more environmentally friendly development standards.

Design Elements

· Off-the-Grid Housing
· Co-Housing
· Composting Toilets
· Passive Solar Housing
· Land Restoration


· Design Charrette
· Conceptual Land Plan
· Entitlements Support

Website Links

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